Quota Share Agreement Reinsurance: Understanding the Basics

The world of insurance can be complex and overwhelming, and one term that can be particularly confusing is quota share agreement reinsurance. So, what is quota share agreement reinsurance, and how does it work? Let`s dive into the basics.

What is Quota Share Agreement Reinsurance?

In simple terms, quota share agreement reinsurance is a type of reinsurance where the reinsurer agrees to take on a predetermined percentage of the policyholder`s risk. This means that the reinsurer agrees to cover a specific portion (or quota) of the original insurer`s policies. For example, if a quota share agreement is set up for 20%, the reinsurer will cover 20% of the original insurer`s policies, and the original insurer will cover the remaining 80%.

How Does it Work?

Quota share agreement reinsurance works by sharing the risk of policies between the original insurer and the reinsurer. The reinsurer will typically charge a premium to the original insurer for taking on a portion of their risk. This premium can vary depending on the level of risk involved and the specific terms of the agreement.

Quota share agreements can be set up to cover specific lines of business, such as property or casualty insurance. The agreement can also be set up to cover a specific period, such as a year, or it can be ongoing.

Benefits of Quota Share Agreement Reinsurance

Quota share agreement reinsurance can offer several benefits to both the original insurer and the reinsurer. For the original insurer, it can help reduce their exposure to risk, which can be particularly useful for smaller insurers or those with limited capital. It can also help them expand their capacity to write policies, as they can use the reinsurer`s capital to underwrite more policies.

For the reinsurer, quota share agreement reinsurance can provide a stable stream of income from premiums, as well as help spread their risk across a broader range of policies. It can also provide an opportunity to develop and maintain long-term relationships with original insurers.


Quota share agreement reinsurance is just one type of reinsurance available to insurers, but it can be an effective way to share risk and limit exposure. While the details of each agreement will vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the insurers involved, the basic principles remain the same. By understanding the basics of quota share agreement reinsurance, you can better navigate the complex world of insurance and make more informed decisions for your business or clients.